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5,000+ cattle ranchers use our market leading electronic ID hardware and software solutions to manage over 150,000 head of cattle.

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AgriEID mission : to improve animal welfare and rancher profitability with an affordable, easy to use, integrated hardware and software solution.

The Digital Ranch System

• Inc SMART Reader connects tags to software
• Inc Digital Scales for accurate weight records
• Data Input and Retrieval on any mobile device
• Software improves performance and profit

System inc Digital Scales with HD Monitor, Rodent Proof Cabling, IP67 Stainless Steel heavy duty components with Compact, Standard or Heavy Duty SMART EID (RFID) ear tag Scanners.

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the Digital Ranch Cloud Application.

From $895.oo with FREE SHIPPING

Load Bars with HD Monitor

This package includes a stainless steel digital monitor with quick release stainless steel connectors, heavy duty 15ft length dual rodent proof cables, twin steel load bars.

Includes advanced average weight algorithm used by commercial sale yard scales for incredible accuracy with rapid display of correct animal weight on the included high resolution LCD monitor.

The load bars are made with aviation grade stainless steel IP67 rated load cells in a heavy duty lightweight steel unibody with multiple platform anchor points.

Stores up to 2000 individual weight records to solid state internal memory. Includes 6V heavy duty rechargable battery for the system to operate 100% without 110v power.

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the Digital Ranch Cloud Application.

From $995.oo with FREE SHIPPING

Heavy Duty SMART Reader

Extra Heavy Duty Stick Reader with SMART Bluetooth chip with tough non slip grip and protected antenna. (GEN III)

Stores 20,000 individual electronic tags numbers in solid state memory in device with no duplicate number scan function. Info displayed on large HD colour LCD screen.

Connect to any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android) including Laptops and Desktops via Bluetooth. 

Direct connect to AgriEid Software to manage individual animal records - create, search, add activity, notes and medical batch via the unique electronic NLIS tag numbers.

Connect to other Mobile Apps like Notes and Excel for real time NLIS tag import if internet access is not available.

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the Digital Ranch Cloud Application.

$895.oo with FREE SHIPPING

Easy to Use Software

Record and measure weight gain, add medical treatments, birthing records with links to parents, calving history, genetics, productivity, sales records, farm revenue, notes for each individual animal and groups for detailed analytics direct to iPad / Android tablet in the yards.

This simple to use software management platform is designed to work on any device (Apple or Android) - mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc and connects directly with AgriEid SMART readers for a complete solution.

Use our simple excel template to upload historical data or when interent access is not available in the yards.

Now Includes : Rain Gauge and Paddock Rotation modules

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Livestock Scales - GEN II (IP67)

AgriEid have developed a digital livestock weighing solution to fit all cattle crush designs and yard set-ups. 

Install on any timber or metal platform with 4x Stainless Steel (IP67) load cells with adjustable non-slip feet.

All cables are now double metal shield stainless steel PVC clear coated for extra strength and protection. 

The Gen II Digital livestock weigh system is super tough (IP67) and designed to last a lifetime of heavy use.

Click here to view the easy installation guide.

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the Digital Ranch Cloud Application.

$595.oo with FREE SHIPPING

Original SMART Stick Reader

Our best selling SMART Stick Reader connects via Bluetooth to any Apple iOS or Android device (iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Laptop etc).

Quickly scan the RFID ear tag to instantly retrieve the animals complete medical and weight history. Add and track records like weight, medical treatments, pregnancy, births, sales, notes etc in the AgriEid app.

Advanced design with rechargeable Li-ion battery and telescopic arm for superior reach (1.2m) and compact portability (45cm). 

View the Product Manual here (12 pages)

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the Digital Ranch Cloud Application.

$695.oo with FREE SHIPPING 


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Increased our annual steer production by 20% using the Digital Ranch System

John B



Bought cattle scales and could not be happier with the quality of the product and support

Jennifer A



Scales and EID Reader with the Digital Ranch Software is best decision we ever made

Hamilton C



Fantastic products and support - we are repeat customers

James P



We trusted AgriEid and they did not let us down - quality solution we now use every day

Mary K


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