We have completed extensive research of our customer base in consultation with local livestock industry associations.

The benchmark we have produced is as follows for breeders with this quantity of animals producing this annual income :

30 Breeders = 30 calves @ 2.2 LB per day (ADG) @ $2.25 per pound = $40,000 per annum (sold at 9 months of age) - running with 1 Bull

60 Breeders = 60 calves @ 2.2 LB per day (ADG) @ $2.25 per pound = $80,000 per annum (sold at 9 months of age) running with 2 Bulls

100 Breeders = 100 calves @ 2.2 LB per day (ADG) @ $2.25 per pound = $133,650 per annum. (sold at 9 months of age) - running with 3 Bulls

These figures are a guide only (recommended benchmark) and represent "income earning potential" with the proper management of livestock with an AgriEID Digital Ranch System, optimal livestock genetics combined with a professional annual medical treatment plan. This annual income level can be achieved with the recommended best practice for livestock management with data collection and analytics combined with professional advice (veterinary for medical and stock agent for genetics). 

If your property is not generating this level of annual income - you need to focus on the following 4 key metrics :

a) Measuring Average Daily Weight Gain (ADG)

b) Annual Medical Plan - implement and record with local veterinary advice

c) Genetics - record sire and dam link - remove poor performers add new genetics

d) Fertility - recording births with dam link - remove infertile animals

Medical Treatment Benchmark :  Drenching animals 2 x per annum orally to remove internal parasites, 2 x vaccinations for calves and 1 x vaccination for cows / bulls at a minimum (7 in 1 or 5 in 1), Insecticidal Ear Tags for Buffalo fly and parasite control. Pour on and spray as required to remove external parasites - observed as rashes on necks etc.

For poor performing calves (below average daily weight gain metrics) - medical booster treatments need to be applied to remove impediments to weight gain performance. Suggested booster treatment options include : Multimin injection, Ivermectin - pour on, Cydectin - pour on, Nilzan - oral drench, Insecticidal ear tags plus any treatment schedule and dose based on veterinary advice for your specific region, climate and parasite concerns etc. 

It is important to spend at least 1-2 hours per annum with your local veterinarian expert reviewing and discussing an annual plan for optimum animal care for your individual property. You need to schedule the best product and month for application based on your properties geographic location (parasites and climate etc) You can enter these details into the AgriEID planner and update as required. 

Pasture improvement (soil testing with agronomist advice) can increase property income potential as breeder carrying capacity can be increased - resulting in higher benchmarks and annual revenue.

Improve your beef breeding operation to industry benchmarks by following the our principles for sustainable beef cattle farming - click here to view and download the pdf document.

This guide draws on the latest R&D as well as the knowledge, skills and experience of beef cattle producer advocates. The overall goal is to achieve a sustainable (economic and environmental) increase in pounds of beef produced per acre through optimal property and herd management best practice.