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OG SMART Stick Reader
OG SMART Stick Reader
OG SMART Stick Reader
OG SMART Stick Reader
OG SMART Stick Reader
OG SMART Stick Reader

OG SMART Stick Reader

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EID SMART Stick Reader with wireless bluetooth EID tag number auto-import direct to your iPhone, iPad, Tablet and Smartphone (Compatible with Apple iOS and Android).

This SMART Stick Reader instantly retrieves individual animal records in the AgriEid Application by simply scanning the animals EID tag, saving valuable time and eliminating paper notes in the yards.

Learn more about how this SMART EID reader works with our powerful Livestock Management Platform click here

View the Product Demo Video below with iPad connectivity  : 

Simply select a cell in the Excel mobile app where you want the EID numbers to start being imported and start scanning tags. The first EID tag number auto populates the selected cell. Scan another tag and the next EID number is automatically placed in the cell directly below the first tag. (watch demo below)

Use the AgriEid provided template and add notes in real-time via your mobile device such as weight, pregnancy, medical batch etc and then upload to the Livestock Pro Application for permanent record and detailed analysis - click here to learn more

No internet access required to operate this reader as scanned EID data is saved directly to your mobile device. When an internet connection is established data is automatically saved to the Cloud via your mobile app.

To view and download the AgriEid Excel template click here (desktop and mobile)


The AgriEid SMART reader also works with any Laptop (PC and MacOS) and has a connect range of over 50 metres.

The AgriEid SMART Stick Reader has a robust stainless steel telescopic arm so the scanner can be extended from 45cm to 1.2M providing superior reach when required.

The AgriEid Smart Stick Reader has a rechargeable lithium ion battery which can deliver over 10,000 continuous EID tag scans on a full battery cycle. 

IP57 rated - providing excellent protection from dust and is water resistant.

This reader works with all brands of HDX (EID) tags and FDX (animal) microchips. (Sheep EID tags, Dog Microchips etc). 

To view the SMART Stick Product Manual (12 pages) - click here and set-up guide here

Microsoft Excel mobile app for your iPhone, iPad, Tablet and Smartphone available here 

Livestock Pro App available here for Free Trial Period

Includes FREE SHIPPING to any Rural Region in USA and Canada 

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